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South Amherst Historical Society

South Amherst Historical Society




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You may contact us through Facebook @South Amherst Historical Society or e-mail rdl19@centurytel.net

Our Story

The South Amherst Historical Society started out with three people who were interested in the history of the village. William Jones, Rosemary Leshinski and Jeanne Maschari met on a cold January evening in 2016.  After much discussion as to whether or not move forward, it was decided that the village of South Amherst held many historical treasures that needed to be remembered and available for our future generations.  After several more meetings we then opened the meetings up to the public, in the summer of 2016. It was evident that there was much interest. In January of 2017 the South Amherst Historical Society became incorporated.


William Jones,  President/ Secretary

Karen Razdhr,  Vice-President

Rosemary Leshinski, Treasurer


Board Members


Martha Baird

Marilyn Makruski

Louise Anthony

Ron Snizek

Gerry Dickinson