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 Village History

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1795      South Amherst as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve is sold to the Connecticut Land Company                             by the State of Connecticut for $1.2 million.

1808      The first mail route from Cleveland to Maumee goes through the area on foot, then later on horseback.

1813      During the War of 1812 a road is put in between Ridgeville and Florence, later to be named South                                      Ridge Road. Currently Route 113.

1814      Reuben Webb and his family arrived and settled on South Ridge Road in 1815.

1815      First death in the township was a Webb child who was buried in the Webb family cemetery. Many                                      years later the Webb family cemetery would need to be relocated to Evergreen Cemetery due to road                             construction.

1817      South Amherst is now in Black River Township, Huron County.

1818      Captain Eliphalet Redington arrived and settled on South Ridge Road at the center of South Amherst.                            He built the first sawmill. He brought industry, commerce, education, legal and government offices                                    and presence into the new lands.

1820      The first post office  was established in South Amherst. The post office is named Brooks and Eliphalet                              Redington is Postmaster.  The 1820 census shows 110 people from 18 families living along South                                        Ridge Road.  The first school on South Ridge Road is taught by Sophronia Blair.

1824      The Methodist Episcopal Church in South Amherst is formed.  The Brooks Post Office                                                                becomes the Black River P.O.  Eliphalet Redington is still Postmaster.

1827      The first stagecoach goes through South Amherst on a regular schedule between Cleveland and Lower                        Sandusky.

1830      By special act of the Ohio legislature, Black River Township is divided in two and a new township is                                    formed.  Jonas Stratton suggests the name of Amherst for the new township. The Black River Post                                    Office is renamed  Amherst Post Office with Eliphalet Redington as postmaster. The Bryant family from                           England settles in the South Amherst area. First burial in Pioneer Cemetery, also known as “Old                                          Village Cemetery.”

1834      The Congregational Church in South Amherst is organized.

1837      South Amherst has one store, two taverns, and 15 or 20 dwellings in the area.

1838      Congregational Church was built.

1842      A new Methodist Church was built on land donated by Jonas and Lucy Stratton.

1847      Sandstone which had been quarried in the township since 1818 is now being quarried for large                                          commercial sales.

1852      H.B. Bryant, and his brother-in-law, H.D. Stratton from South Amherst organize the Bryant and Stratton                            Mercantile College in Cleveland, Ohio.

1857      South Amherst has two blacksmith shops, one store, one wagon shop, and 20 to 30 homes.

1868      The Cleveland Stone Company begins operations.

1874      South Amherst has a store, post office, blacksmith, harness shop, shoe shop, and carriage shop along                            with steam sawmill, cheese factory and about 30 homes.

1887      A two-story frame school building east of the Congregational Church is moved and a one-room stone                              schoolhouse is built in its place.

1888      The German Evangelical Church is organized. The church was built in 1901.  The church is now                                             known as St. John’s United Church.   

1889      Wm. H. Bryant, owner of the Turkey Rock Quarry, received a patent for a channeling machine and                                       begun manufacturing of the machines.

1891      The Swiss Lodge of South Amherst was organized as a fraternal group.

1895      The Knights and Ladies of Security Council #265 is instituted as a fraternal insurance group. Dr. Harry                               Webster Powers was South Amherst’s first resident physician.

1903      The Ohio Quarries Company is organized. It employs 400 quarrymen and ships 6,000 rail carloads                                     of stone a year out of Buckeye Quarry.

1910      An eight-room sandstone schoolhouse is built for grades 1 through 8.

1918      The village of South Amherst is incorporated.  Fred Ruth serves as the first Mayor.

1920      The Soldier’s Memorial is placed in front of the Town Hall is dedicated to the area soilders on                                                 Decoration Day. Donated by the stonecutter and citizens of South Amherst

1922      Quarry Road north of South Ridge Road was moved to the East so the Buckeye Quarry could be                                        enlarged. The Buckeye Quarry became the deepest sandstone quarry in  the world. A sandstone                                        addition to the eight-room school building is completed and used as the high school.

1923      South Amherst High School had its first High School Graduation.

1933      The Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church was organized in an unused stone schoolhouse at Quarry and                                     South Ridge Road.

1934      A stone fire station is built next to the Village Hall.

1936      South Amherst has 2 grocery stores, 2 restaurants. 1 meat market. 2 gas stations, 1 repair garage, 1                                 barber shop, 1 schoolhouse, 4 churches, and 2 lodges (Swiss & Hungarian).

1945      American legion Post #197 purchased the Old Stone School House for Legion Home.

1950      Barber Shop opens at 5-E Main by J.R. "Rex" Pierce. "James Delicatessen" opens in store formerly owned                       by Mr. and Mrs. Siess.  

1957      South Amherst School third addition finished.

1964      New South Amherst Elementary School built.

1971      Town Population at 2,913.  Lawrence  Knoble,  Mayor.

1972      Voters approved bond issue to build new gymnasium.

1988      South Amherst School merged with Firelands Local School District.

1989      New Town Hall ready to house Police Department, offices for Mayor, and Council Chambers.

1993      Longtime Police Chief, Thomas Snizek retires. 1946-1993

2005      Trans European Securities International plans 1.25 billion quarry complex.

2007      Stuart Lichter buys quarries.

2012      South Amherst welcomed a crowd of over 13,000 athletes ready to compete in a 12 mile endurance event                    known as the Tough Mudder.

2015      Village Clerk theft in office $677,000.       

2017      South Amherst Historical Society organized.

2018      First Ohio Historical Marker featuring the original Town Hall installed and donated by the South                                             Amherst Historical Society and American Legion Post # 197.

2020      South Amherst has 10 businesses, 6 churches and 683 homes.

2022      South Amherst School closed and sold, all students moved to new school at Firelands.

It takes a village.......

Churches, Schools, Industry, Organizations, Government

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