January, February, March, Updates:

We are so happy to be able to resume our meetings in person, as we hopefully continue to recover from the pandemic. 
Events, Projects and Fundraising are all in the planning stages: The 2023 Calendar will feature Kit Homes from the early1900's identified in our village. A car show is being planned for June. Restoration of Pioneer Cemetery will continue with repairs of broken stones and we will begin to restore the wrought iron fence. There is also talk about the possibility of having a Street Dance in early fall. 

April, May, June, 

April and May found us making plans for Phase 1 restoration of Pioneer Cemetery. We have been blessed to find a dedicated team to help us. "Gravestone Restoration Services by Kate and Jane" met with our team to determine 12 stones that were desperately in need of repair or resetting. The job was basically finished by the end of May. I will share with you one of the stones that was greatly in need of repair. The stone belongs to Nancy Santee and was in several pieces and partially buried.  After the repair an Epitaph was noted and readable. 

"Her mind was tranquil and serene

No terror in her looks was seen

Her Savior's smiles dispelled her gloom

and smooth'd her passage to the tomb"

If anyone has any info about Nancy please let us know.

The society has removed the rod iron fencing on the south side of the cemetery and will be removing the rust and painting. New posts will be purchased to secure when it is reinstalled.

nancy 1.jpg
nancy 2.jpg
nancy 3.jpg
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June found us busy with preparing for the annual car show and putting the final loose ends on the calendar for 2023.

The car show was held on June 11th at Nativity Catholic Church on South Lake Street. Over 100 cars turned out. It was a beautiful summer day and everyone enjoyed the social event while listening to music from the 50's and 60's. The Lorain Journal was on hand an wrote an article about the Society and Car Show which was on Sundays front page.....great job, Larry, Ron and Dennis.

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The 2023 Calendar is out!!!  It features Homes in the village that were Kit Homes. It took a great deal of time to verify and research these homes and we hope you will enjoy it.