Happy New Year!!!!! 

As we reflect over the past years of having meetings, events and fundraisers we acknowledge the convenience of those of us who reside within or near the village. Many of our members live out of state but continue to support our efforts and fundraisers and for that we are thankful. So, here is a list of our members for 2021.

  1. Louise Anthony

  2. Martha Baird

  3. Jerry Bozicevich

  4. Dennis Burdue

  5. Nella Ruth Carpenter

  6. Beverly Snizek Callahan

  7. Gary Dickinson

  8. Moneva Dickinson

  9. Gerald A. Dickinson

  10. Dorothy Dickinson

  11. Michael Gainok

  12. Jason Gargasz

  13. James Hieb

  14. Larry Jones

  15. William Jones

  16. Janet Koehn

  17. Linda Krempin

  18. Rosemary Leshinski

  19. Marilyn Makruski

  20. Betty Moore

  21. Tim Moore

  22. Joe Morrow

  23. Martha Ollis

  24. Betty Paller

  25. Patricia Vargo Pendleton

  26. Karon Razdnr

  27. Beverly Jamie Schmidt

  28. Lynn Schmidt

  29. Ron Snizek

  30. Susan Slack Strehle

  31. Gary Toma

  32. Kenneth Wilhelm

  33. Payton Vanderpool

  34. Dane Vanderpool

Pioneer Cemetery S. Amherst 4.png

This is the gravestone of Eliphalet Redington at his resting place in Pioneer Cemetery. Sad way to honor a man who brought so much to the village.  We can do better.

Great News

The South Amherst Historical Society received a grant from Nopec to be used for the Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project. 

Update on March meeting.The results are in from our March meeting via email, and they are;


1. Car Show, the majority say yes, we'll try to hold one this year. Ron Snizek and Dennis Burdue have volunteered to be on the Car Show Committee. I'm sure they will do a fine job as always and some of us will help out at the show. A request was made to consider having the event some other weekend besides Father's Day if in June. Thank you Ron and Dennis.


2. Dash Plaques, it was agreed those left from previous years are to be sold to Larry Jones at $1 apiece, as per Larry's insistence. I propose that the money from this sale be applied to Dash Plaques for this years Car Show.


3. April Meeting, I've been informed no meetings have been inside the Town Hall due to the cleaning process involved. So, we will try to reserve the park pavilion for April 21st for a 6:00 pm meeting. If this should change you'll be informed, a reminder will be given prior to that date also. Louise Anthony has volunteered to provide cookies for refreshment at the meeting. 


Cemetery Preservation Project

The South Amherst Historical Society is sponsoring a one-day gravestone preservation workshop. This will be the first of several workshops aimed toward the preservation of Pioneer Cemetery. This workshop is open to the South Amherst Historical Society members and the community.

Pioneer Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the Village of South Amherst. The earliest known burials appear to be from the 1830s. The training will be done by Jane Crandall and Kate Rivet from the Brownhelm Historical Association. They have been trained in cemetery preservation and have put in many hours at the Brownhelm Cemetery and the Brown Cemetery.

Our goal is to preserve without doing any harm to the stones. This workshop will target the proper cleaning of the gravestones. After we receive our training, we will schedule dates throughout the summer and fall for stone cleaning. There are approximately 100 stones in the cemetery. Cleaning supplies will be provided. You will be responsible for bringing: a water sprayer or watering can, rubber gloves, a bench or kneeling pad. Please dress for outdoors / sunscreen.

This workshop will be scheduled for May 22nd with May 29th being the rain date. Time will be 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Water will be provided. We are limited to 30 attendees. A Release of Liability Form will need to be signed the day of the event. Cost of the workshop is being provided through a NOPEC Grant.


50/50 Raffle

Get ready to participate in the South Amherst Historical Society Raffle benefiting the Pioneer Project. The raffle starts on Friday January 1st 2021. Download the RaffleNow app. to your phone.

To Participate in a 50/50 Raffle

Simply browse the raffles available to you in the RafflesNow App by tapping “Browse/Buy

Raffle Tickets” on the RafflesNow app landing page. You can then select the raffle you wish to participate in and purchase tickets. Ticket numbers will be e-mailed to you. It’s that simple! If you so choose, you can be notified when any raffles you are participating in are nearing their end and when they have concluded.

Eliphalet Redington, or Captain Redington as he was generally called, came to the township in February 1818, became widely known, took a prominent part in many public affairs; led an active life and exerted a strong influence in the community.

Eliphalet Redington Esq. made permanent settlement on the South Ridge. Land that the South Amherst Town Hall sits on was part of Redington’s tract. State Route 113 that runs through South Amherst is the South Ridge Highway.

Born 1774 in Richmond, Berkshire Co., Ma. Eliphalet Redington was an educated man and lawyer. His education and bearing as well as profession brought him to his new place of settlement. A few others a few years before claimed land near but his was a permanent settlement upon his land while theirs was sporadic, others closely followed.

Eliphalet Redington settled on the South Ridge with a purpose. He brought industry, commerce, education, legal and government offices and presence into the new lands.

He was Postmaster to a Post Office named Brooks on the South Ridge while it was still in Huron County July 25th, 1820. He then was Postmaster to one of the two Post Offices in the new Black River Township, annexed to Lorain from Huron County. The Post Office (Brooks) was then named BLACK RIVER on May 10, 1824. Once Amherst Township was established Amherst Post Office was now the new name. He served as Postmaster to them all until his death in 1848.

Mr. Redington was a Lawyer and businessman. After Jacob Shupe’s mill, was built on Beaver Creek, at the north line of the township, Eliphalet Redington built a sawmill at South Amherst. A. T. Johnson built one between the North and Middle ridges, and a Mr. Sawtell built one in South Amherst. Mr. Redington also kept store and Post Office and with several others tried and failed at the first railroad project in this vicinity, the Ohio Railroad Company, organized April 25, 1836, in Painesville, Ohio.

The vital importance of a good and passable transportation route to open up new lands for settlement and prosperity was recognized early by the Ohio State government. A route along the South Ridge was deemed necessary for development. Eliphalet Redington or Captain Eliphalet Redington as he was known, was one of the Committee to locate the road leading from the eastern termination of the one, running east from the foot of the rapids of the Miami of the Lake to Elyria.

Two Christian men of unusual resolve named Philo Penfield Stewart and Rev. John Jay Shipherd in 1832 sought out Captain Eliphalet Redington, land agent. The owners of the tract of land Stewart and Shipherd wanted were Messrs. Titus Street and Samuel Hughes of New Haven, Connecticut. Captain Eliphalet Redington, postmaster at (South) Amherst, was their local agent but he did not have the authority to give away land--only to sell it-- Stewart and Shipherd had no funds. Redington was interested in the scheme and willing to take joint responsibility with Stewart on the ground while Shipherd went East to beg a gift of land from Street and Hughes, and secure money and colonists. Stewart at Elyria and Redington at Amherst would receive the colonists as they arrived and manage the beginning of physical preparation for their reception: the clearing of the forest and building of a mill and other community buildings. So that is how Oberlin City and Oberlin College got their start. Captain Eliphalet Redington was a Oberlin College charter member, on the Board of Trustees and served as Treasurer 1834-1835.

Captain Eliphalet Redington Jr. and wife Betsey are in eternal rest at the Pioneer Cemetery on South Lake St., South Amherst, Ohio.

Eliphalet Redington, Jr.:

b. Jan. 5th, 1774 Richmond, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, d. Jun. 29, 1848 Amherst, Lorain Co., Ohio

Written by William Jones

2021 Car Show is a go!!!!!


The Pioneer Restoration Project was a great success thanks to The Brownhelm Historical Association, NOPEC, The South Amherst Historical members and the Community.

Over 35 headstones were cleaned. Lunch was provided by neighbor, Andrew Johnson and family.

It was a warm but tolerable day. We walked away not only feeling proud of our accomplishments but of the new friendships that had developed.

MUCH thanks to Larry Jones, Gerry and Dorothy Dickinson for representing the society in the 2021 South Amherst Memorial Day Parade.
SAHS parade.jpg

July is membership renewal month. We always welcome new members. Only members receive bi-monthly newsletters. We have several events/ fundraisers through out the year. "It takes a village."

Membership fees are $15.00 ( Associate membership) $20.00 ( Regular membership). Forms can be found and paid on our web site https://www.southamhersthistoricalsociety.org/

Car Show 2021

Huge Thanks to Ron, Larry and Dennis for hosting another great car show. We had wonderful weather and a great time looking at cars and socializing with friends. Also, thanks to all the members that came out to help and support this event.


The Village Wide Yard Sale was held on August 14th. The SAHS set up tables on the corner of 113 and Kenwood. It was a great with good weather and lots of socializing.  The society took in 180.00 and made a lot of new friends.


In remembrance of,

On June 23, 1936, a joint congressional resolution designated the last Sunday in September as Gold Star Mother's Day, a holiday that has been observed each year by a presidential proclamation. Today, September 26th 2021, we remember thirteen women from our community, who have lost a child, or children in war time. (From WWI to the War on Afghanistan)


When an active-duty service member dies, his or her mother automatically becomes a Gold Star Mother. It's a distinction that no mother wants, but it's one they wear proudly. The Gold Star Mothers from our community would dress in white and march in the South Amherst Memorial Day Parades. As time went on, it became necessary for them to ride in a white car with gold stars attached to the outside doors. As years went by, less stars became attached to the car doors, until there was no longer a car in the parade.


Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star families know the high cost of defending those freedoms we hold dear. Those in the military do not serve alone, they have the love and support of their family, as the poet John Milton wrote, “They also serve who stand and wait.”


The South Amherst Historical Society’s mission is to promote knowledge of the history of South Amherst. The society became aware that many people didn’t know what a Gold Star Mother was. Sadly, they were being forgotten. A committee was formed, with Marilyn Makruski being the chairperson. The first phase of the project was purchasing a Gold Star Mother metal grave marker to hold the American Flag. With that being accomplished in time for Memorial Day 2019, the project continued with the goal of having a Memorial Stone with all thirteen names placed at Evergreen Cemetery.


The Memorial Stone has been placed at Evergreen Cemetery to honor these ladies for Gold Star Mother’s Day 2021. The Memorial Stone can be seen front and center as you drive into the cemetery. Please take time to visit this memorial.


The South Amherst Historical Society would like to thank all the people, businesses and foundations who helped to achieve this goal. A personal thanks to Piggy’s and Sunday Plus for allowing us to put a donation jar on their counters. 


October 2nd 2021 Event


What a great day we had at Pioneer Cemetery. Thanks to everyone who came out and to the Brownhelm Historical Association. We managed to reset at least 15 stones and cleaned a few more. Hope to see more of you at the next event!!!



The SA Historical Society would like to say Thanks to R. Barson Trucking for donating the gravel that was used for the base.

Also thanks to Gerry Dickinson for the yummy donuts!


Halloween Parade South Amherst 2021

The south Amherst Historical Society had a fun filled afternoon participating in the South Amherst Village Halloween Parade. Thanks to Larry Jones for driving these wild ladies through the streets of South Amherst (Marilyn, Karon, and Rosemary)

Hallo 1.jpg
Hallo 3.jpg
Hallo 4.jpg