The Historical Society started out the year by holding another winter dance.  The theme of this dance was called "The Rock of Ages" and was held on a very snowy January evening in 2019. The dance was held at the Catholic Church Auditorium and music was furnished by Frank Malham (D.J.)  It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.  Chairperson: Lynn Schmitz

We started thinking about calendar themes and decided to honor past ladies from the village that had influenced the paths of our future. Those chosen to be honored were, Alice Hummer, Betty Jones, Donna Bauer, Elizabeth Rolli, Genevieve Sackett, Geraldine Larkin, Gladys Baxter, Hazel Harwath, Mabelle Dickinson, Ninabelle Kilmer, Norma Mae Oetzel, and Viola Mathes.  Please visit our facebook page to read the monthly write-up on each of these ladies.  Chairperson: Rosemary Leshinski

The Car Cuisine was set for June 15th. Even though the weather chose to be a somewhat rainy day, many cars showed up to make it a successful event. Chairperson: Larry Jones

The society voted to take on a new project this year. We will be honoring the Gold Star Mothers from our village. We will be fundraising to purchase flag holders to be placed on their resting places and also a Memorial Marker to be placed in Evergreen Cemetery; listing their names. We recently became aware of the fact that many younger generations didn't know what a Gold Star Mother was, and thus, the need for the project became apparent. Chairperson: Marilyn Makruski